Maintenance advance, new applications

Children who live with one parent who is single, widowed, divorced or separated (single parent) and who do not receive maintenance from the other parent are entitled to an advance maintenance payment.

The maintenance advance office endeavors to reclaim the maintenance amounts paid out under the maintenance advance law from the other parent who is obliged to provide maintenance.

For more information, see Link Family Guide - Information on Alimony Advance.

Required documents for the application for an advance maintenance payment:
  • Child's birth certificate
  • Identity card / passport with residence permit
  • Registration confirmation
  • Documents on maintenance arrangements
  • in the event of divorce: divorce papers

additional documents for children from the age of 12

  • Current notification of benefits from the job center (ALG II / Hartz IV)
  • School certificate from the age of 15
  • Proof of child training allowance (contract, payroll)

further documents can be requested if required.


Eligibility requirement for children aged 0-11

A child who

  • has a place of residence or habitual abode in Germany,
  • has not yet reached the age of 12,
  • lives with a parent who is single, widowed, divorced or permanently separated and
  • does not receive maintenance or an orphan's allowance or does not receive it regularly

Eligibility requirement for children aged 12-18

Children between the ages of 12 and 18 are now also entitled to advance maintenance payments if the child

  • has a place of residence or habitual abode in Germany,
  • has not yet reached the age of 18,
  • lives with a parent who is single, widowed, divorced or permanently separated,
  • does not or does not regularly receive maintenance or orphan's allowance and
  • Does not receive any SGB II benefits or the child's need for assistance can be avoided through the maintenance payment according to Section 9 SGB II or if the single parent earns an own income of at least 600.00 gross in SGB II receipt.

This also applies to foreign children if the children or the single parent are in possession of a residence permit that gives them a claim.

Other adults may also live in the household. To be eligible for UVL, the child must live with one parent. If the other parent also lives in the same household, the eligibility requirements are not met. The Stkl. II must be proven if the child's parents are married and have only recently separated. But there are further test steps if Stkl. II not applicable.


Advance maintenance must be applied for in writing.

We ask for your understanding that only fully and correctly completed applications that have been provided with the relevant evidence can be processed quickly and conclusively.

Advice on general questions of maintenance law and the amount of maintenance does not take place. For this, see the related link Aidships.

ยงยง 1 ff. Maintenance Advance Act (UhVorschG)

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