Construction loads, sewage disposal
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If your property is connected to the public water supply and sewage disposal, you have to pay a connection fee. These contributions finance the water supply and sewage systems, such as canals, sewage treatment plants and rainwater retention basins. In addition to the connection fees, reimbursement of costs for the house and property connection can be requested from you.
Required documents for the application for registration of a building load:
  1. Application for building load registration (informal)
  2. Excerpt from the land register for the land of the building owner concerned (if a notice of conveyance has been entered for future buyers of the land, then consent to the entry of the building load by these buyers must be submitted)
  3. Proof of ownership or excerpt from the land register for the contractors' land in question
  4. In the case of property owners, the companies are: extract from the commercial register
  5. Representation of the sewage and rainwater pipes from all buildings on all affected parcels
  6. Land map or current extract from the real estate cadastre (real estate map)
  7. Siel register excerpt (copy)


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For general construction loads (access, electricity, gas, water ...) please contact the
Construction inspection departments of the districts.
  • If a building load has to be taken into account when planning a project, see building load index (section "Links")
  • You would like to enter a required construction load, see building application (section "Links")
  • see also: Management of existing areas ("Links" section)
  • ยง 4 Hamburg Building Regulations (HBauO)
  • Section 6 Hamburg Wastewater Act (HmbAbwG)

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