Help on the way to school
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Schülerinnen und Schüler mit einer einer (drohenden) Behinderung können bei vorliegendem Bedarf auf dem Schulweg unterstützt werden, wenn die Sorgeberechtigten diesen nicht selbst sicherstellen können. 
  • Processing of applications for school travel assistance for disabled pupils who live in Hamburg and attend a school in Hamburg
  • Organization of transportation for disabled students
  • Application for school travel assistance available at the school
  • Opinion from the school
  • Working time certificate
  • Certificates of measures taken by the Federal Employment Agency or the Job Center
  • Medical certificate if the trip to school cannot be covered with the legal guardian


See school route assistance regulations


  • Decisions on the transport needs of daycare children or day-care center guests by the responsible offices in the districts
Book IX of the Social Code as well as provisions on the way to school

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  • Determination of the way to school
  • Application at school
  • Opinion from the school
  • Receipt of all documents in the field of social benefits
  • Examination of membership of the group of people entitled to claim and of the need for transport by the responsible health authorities or the advice center Seeing, hearing, moving, speaking
  • Check at V 242, the coverage of requirements
  • If the requirement is met, the transport is organized by V 242

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