Passport for non-hamburger

All Germans who have their main residence in Hamburg can apply for a passport. German citizens who are not registered in Hamburg can apply for their passport at the Migration Office of the Ministry of the Interior and Sport. You can get more information by phone or on the Internet. German citizenship is required. Up to the age of 18, the consent of all custodians (parents or guardians) must be available (either through a personal interview or a declaration of consent with a certified signature). The applicant must appear in person. We have to confiscate your old passport or a temporary passport after it has expired. Validity: For people over 24 years of age, the passport is valid for 10 years. It is valid for 6 years for people under the age of 24.
Up-to-date passport photo capable of biometrics, not older than six months. Identity card if available; event. Travel documents. Additional documents are to be brought along according to the specifications of the relevant passport authority.


ID cards for non-Hamburg residents can be requested from the Hamburg customer centers.

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