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Informationsbereiche im Zusammenhang mit Bürgern.
Naturalization is a way of obtaining German citizenship. An application is required for naturalization. There are several legal bases and diverse naturalization requirements. The legal basis for naturalization and the documents to be submitted depend on the individual circumstances. First of all, a personal consultation is necessary (registration takes place on the ground floor, waiting room II).
For personal advice (registration on the ground floor, waiting room II) only the passport and the residence permit are required for the time being. Which other documents have to be submitted will be discussed during the personal consultation.




Advice is necessary, an appointment by telephone is essential. Information and advice talks are currently also available by telephone at the following times: Mon 8 am-3pm, Wed 10 am-3pm, Thu 8 am-3pm. No duplicates of naturalization certificates are created, but a citizenship card can be issued instead. With the completion of the 16th year of age (capable of acting), all procedural acts can be carried out without the legal guardian (s).
Sections 8, 9 and 10 of the Nationality Act

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