Adolescent psychology / psychiatric service

The adolescent psychological / psychiatric service (JPPD) supports young people with psychosocial and psychological problems who receive inpatient or semi-inpatient help for upbringing or for whom the appropriate help is provided by the youth welfare office.

The adolescent psychological / psychiatric service offers mentally stressed people and their caregivers:
Crisis intervention,

expert opinions on necessary aids
according to ยงยง 27, 33, 34, 35 SGB VIII,

Preparation of expert opinions according to Sections 10 and 35 a SGB VIII, also in connection with Section 41 SGB VIII,
Supervision and therapeutic support, in individual cases also on a longer-term basis,
Adolescent psychological and adolescent psychiatric support in the aid plan procedure.

The service works outreach and also supports institutions and offices in looking for counseling and therapy offers on the free market.

The staff of the service consists of psychologists with a license to practice as psychotherapists and doctors for child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy.


As a rule, children and young people are reported to the youth psychology / psychiatric service via the general social services of the district offices or the independent and state youth welfare organizations.

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