Bookmaker permits
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What does an application for a bookmaker's license have to include?
  1. All information about the applicant
  2. What is requested (e.g. basic permission according to § 2 paragraph 1 RennwettLottG or for a location according to § 2 paragraph 2; arranging or organizing horse betting, terrestrial)
  3. Decision-relevant information on the location
  4. Information on permits that have already been issued
  5. Decision-relevant information on organizers / brokers to whom mediation is to be made
  6. Decision-relevant information on the organization of horse bets (what is organized by whom, which types of bets are offered, betting program, limits, etc.)
  7. Systems according to the checklist 1
The necessary regulatory, commercial and building permits and permits are not covered by the bookmaker's license and must be applied for from other authorities.
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