Dog ownership, registration
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If you have a dog, you must register it in Hamburg immediately.
  • Identity card. o. Passport with last confirmation of registration
  • Evidence of forgery-proof identification (microchip)
  • Proof of liability insurance with details of the deductible and the sum insured
  • Information about the breed and size of your dog (shoulder height, in the case of puppies the expected shoulder height), if applicable, dog tax exemption or reduction notice


Owning a dog.


Registration must take place within 2 weeks of starting the dog ownership or, in the case of puppies, up to 3 months of age.

You can register your dog in a Hamburg customer center or in a consumer protection office of your choice, but not in writing or by telephone. Puppies without a chip number can also be registered, this registration is only possible in the Consumer Protection, Trade and Environment Department. Registration can also be carried out by an authorized person of legal age. It is not necessary to bring your dog. Dogs are not allowed in the offices of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg!

Your data will be forwarded to the tax office responsible for dog tax. No additional tax registration is required. An additional permit is required for dangerous dogs.

The fee reduction is only available for dog tax exemptions or dog tax reductions in accordance with Section 11 Paragraphs 1 to 3 of the Dog Tax Act (not for the other dog tax exemptions or dog tax reductions).

Chip compulsory for dogs
All dogs over the age of 3 months must be identified with an electronically readable transponder (microchip). The microchip is applied by the resident veterinarians. Exceptions can only be made for compelling veterinary reasons. Please submit a detailed veterinary certificate for this purpose.

Foster dogs
Foster dogs that remain in Hamburg for more than 2 months must be registered. It is irrelevant whether the carer is the owner or whether the period of stay within a year is not contiguous in time (Section 3 Dog Act).

Dog liability insurance
All dog owners must take out liability insurance. Minimum sum insured: EUR 1 million, deductible: max. EUR 500. The insurance must cover at least the liability of the animal owner according to § 833 BGB. The insurance certificate must clearly state which dog is insured - ideally, the dog's chip number is entered.

Online registration is also possible, see under links.

In Hamburg, the customer centers of the district offices are the responsible offices (for the entire city area).

Hamburg Law on Keeping and Leading Dogs - (Dog Law - Dog Act)
Public Health Fee Regulations

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