Registration register, simple registration information for lawyers or companies

Answering inquiries about the names and addresses of clearly identified persons.

A simple information from the register of residents contains:

  • First and last names,
  • Doctoral degree,
  • the current or last Hamburg address.
  • whether deceased

Online information is also possible, but only upon presentation of ID in a Hamburg resident customer center and registration.

First and last name of the person you are looking for. Previous address or date of birth, possibly a copy of the enforcement title (with extended information).


Specific information about the person sought is required; the person must be clearly identifiable.


Information is also available online for lawyers or companies. These must be activated after online registration in the gateway portal (see links) at the Harburg District Office - Central Reporting Matters.

Each inquiring person / body must indicate whether the inquiry is used for private or commercial purposes.

In addition, information is only possible if the person / entity making the request declares that the data will not be used for advertising or address trading purposes.

If the person or body making the request requests the data for commercial use, the exact purpose of the request must be stated and the information from the register must then only be used for this purpose.

Section 44 of the Federal Registration Act (BMG) number 44 General administrative regulations for the implementation of the Federal Registration Act (BMGVwV)

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The application for simple information from the register of residents (e.g. new address) can be made on site at the customer center, by e-mail, fax or post. The requesting person / office will always receive the answer by post

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