Compensation for traffic noise

Building permit, floor plans, room heights, use of space, wall structure, year of installation of the window, window dimensions, if necessary further information on roof structure and outdoor living area.

An application form and a leaflet on the reimbursement procedure can be requested from the specialist office for consumer protection, trade and the environment - technical environmental protection


If the calculated assessment level on the structure exceeds the relevant immission limit value during the day (applies to living spaces) or at night (applies to bedrooms).


Only landowners, leaseholders and apartment owners are entitled to claim.

In the case of voluntary noise abatement, the owner has to bear 25% of the costs for passive noise protection himself.

Section 42 Compensation for noise protection measures - Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), 16th and 24th BImSchV
A request for reimbursement must be submitted to the specialist office for consumer protection, trade and the environment - technical environmental protection. The specialist office checks whether there is a fundamental claim (building recorded in the noise investigation, time of building permit).
On-site meeting:
If there is a claim, an on-site visit is made to determine the existing sound insulation of the building (for this purpose, the room floor plans, room heights, room use, wall structure, year of window installation, window dimensions and, if necessary, further information on the roof structure and the outdoor living area must be provided by the applicant).
Calculation of any necessary noise protection measures:
The existing assessment level is calculated and compared with the relevant immission limit value. If the existing noise protection measures are insufficient, the specialist office will inform you which parts of the building are to be renovated.
at least 2 cost estimates:
The applicant must then obtain and submit at least two cost estimates.
Issuing a notice:
The specialist office checks the cost estimates and issues a notification containing the necessary measures and the amount of the reimbursement costs. After the notification has been issued, the measures can be started.
Final acceptance and payment:
After completion of the measures and submission of the invoices, an acceptance by the specialist office and the payment of the agreed reimbursement costs takes place.

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