Apply for a gambling hall permit
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Sie benötigen eine Erlaubnis, wenn Sie gewerbsmäßig eine Spielhalle betreiben möchten.
If you want to operate an amusement arcade on a commercial basis, you need a permit. A permit is also required if you run a business and want to set up money or gaming machines with the possibility of making a profit. Permission is also required if your company is used to host other games.

Please make sure that you apply for the permit in good time, as the permit must be available at the start of operations.
  • Informal application for a gambling hall permit
  • extract from the central Register of trade and commerce
  • Extract from the commercial register from the country in which the main company headquarters are located;
  • If necessary, translation of the extract from the commercial register
  • Information from the federal central register (certificate of good conduct)
  • Valid identity card or passport (with current registration certificate)
  • Certificate in tax matters from the responsible tax office
  • Lease, purchase or rental agreement as well as the floor plan of the commercially used rooms
  • Permission to set up play equipment with the possibility of making a profit (according to Section 33c, Paragraph 1 of the Trade Regulations (GewO))
  • Confirmation of the suitability of the set-up location of a play device (according to § 33c Paragraph 3 Trade Regulations (GewO)
  • Social concept and training certificates


  • In order to operate an amusement arcade, you must have the necessary reliability. As a rule, you do not have this if you have committed a crime, theft, embezzlement, extortion, stolen goods, money laundering, concealment of unlawfully obtained assets, fraud, embezzlement, unauthorized gambling, participation in the unauthorized gambling or have been convicted of an offense pursuant to Section 27 of the Youth Protection Act.
  • You have to live in orderly financial circumstances: No insolvency proceedings have been opened against your assets or have been rejected for lack of assets.
  • The rooms intended for the operation of the trade meet the police requirements in terms of their condition and location and must be suitable for the operation of an amusement arcade.
  • By running your business, there is no danger to young people and no excessive exploitation of the play instinct to be feared. Neither are harmful environmental impacts within the meaning of the Federal Immission Control Act or a nuisance to the general public, neighbors or an institution in the public interest to be expected.


Es gibt keine Hinweise oder Besonderheiten.
Section 33c Trade Regulations (GewO)

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  • Submit your informal application with all the necessary documents.
  • The competent authority will check whether you meet all the requirements
  • If you meet all the requirements, you will be given permission.
  • You are only allowed to start the activity once you have received permission.

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