Dental examinations in schools

Every year the dental service examines the teeth of schoolchildren from preschool to fourth grade, sometimes up to sixth grade, as well as all special needs students. The school dental service aims to strengthen and convey a sense of responsibility and awareness for dental health in children. In addition, oral hygiene should be improved and tooth damage or misaligned teeth in children should be detected at an early stage. During the examinations, the children are given tips on oral hygiene.

All children then receive the “Green Letter to Parents” with the examination results and, if necessary, information on the need to visit the dentist.

Prophylaxis program for children with an increased risk of tooth decay
As part of group prophylaxis, the school dental service, in cooperation with the State Working Group for the Promotion of Youth Dental Care in Hamburg eV (LAJH), offers primary school students in the 1st grade with an increased risk of tooth decay as well as all special needs students in the entrance class to participate in a free prophylaxis program (for at least four years) in the school. In this intensive care, with the consent of the parents, teeth brushing exercises with the children and then fluoridation of the teeth are carried out twice a year. The children receive a prophylaxis pass in which all measures are documented.

No documents are required.


  • Visiting a school,
  • Age 6 to 12 years


Dental examinations in all general education schools take place by appointment.
Dental examinations at school are compulsory for children. Children can only be exempted if they have a dental certificate proving regular dental care.

§ 21 Social Code V (SGB V) - Prevention of dental diseases (group prophylaxis)
Section 34 (3) of the Hamburg Schools Act (HmbSG)

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If you register in advance, the dental examinations in the school can be carried out in small groups or individually.

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