Parking facilities for the severely disabled (blue ID)

Severely handicapped persons with the mark aG (extraordinary walking disability) or Bl (blind) receive approval from the LBV on request to be able to use certain parking facilities with a vehicle.

This includes:

  • Temporary parking in the restricted no-stopping zone
  • Temporary parking in the no-zone parking zone
  • Parking in parking space management zones beyond the time limit
  • Parking at parking meters and ticket machines without charge and time limit
  • Temporary parking at resident parking lots
  • Parking at parking lots with additional signs (wheelchair user symbol)

The blue ID is a uniform EU ID.

  • ID card or passport with registration certificate,
  • a current photo (not older than 3 months) in the dimensions 35x45 mm, the photo does not have to be biometric and is only required from the age of 10
  • Severely handicapped ID with the mark aG or BL (blind),
  • If necessary, a power of attorney should be handed over to a third party as well as their identification
  • If available, original old parking permit and special permit.


The applicant's registered address must be Hamburg.

Applications can be submitted:

  • Severely handicapped ID with the mark aG (extraordinary walking disability) or BL (blind)
  • Severe handicap with amelia or phocomelia on both sides or comparable functional restrictions (under certain conditions)


The permit is only issued to the severely disabled person. It is therefore personal and not tied to a vehicle.

The application can also be submitted informally by post. The ID will then be sent by post. In this case, a copy of the ID card and ID card must be sent.

The parking permits are valid for a maximum of 5 years. The period is shortened if the severely handicapped pass is valid for a shorter period of time. The parking permit will not be extended. A new application must be submitted.

The blue ID is recognized in the EU. Use outside the EU should be clarified beforehand with the responsible foreign representation.

Opening hours:

State Office for Traffic, Transport and Approval Management / LBV TGM), Ausschl├Ąger Weg 100, 20537 Hamburg

Mon-Thu 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Fri 8.30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

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