Public legal advice, ÖRA

The public legal information, ÖRA, offers legal advice on all legal issues by experienced specialists for people who live in Hamburg and only have a low income.
The consultations are currently only taking place in the ÖRA main office (Dammtorstraße 14) by appointment, including those of the district offices. The ÖRA district offices are closed to the public until further notice.

The ÖRA also offers out-of-court dispute resolution

  • in civil law matters for all natural and legal persons inside and outside Hamburg. Settlement negotiations in the case of a complicated legal situation and high amounts in dispute are led by special chairmen. The application suspends the statute of limitations. The negotiated settlements are enforceable titles.
  • The ÖRA mediates in criminal proceedings if the accused lives in Hamburg.
  • With mediation, the ÖRA helps in escalating family and inheritance law conflicts as well as disputes in work and business life. All mediators are certified (BAFM / BM). The offer is open to everyone and every woman.

Eligibility certificate for counseling assistance: The authorization certificate for counseling assistance from a lawyer in advance of legal proceedings, which may be known from other federal states, does not exist in Hamburg. Under the above conditions, advice from the ÖRA is possible in Hamburg.
Legal aid / legal aid: If a legal dispute becomes unavoidable, the ÖRA advises on the possibility of obtaining legal aid / legal aid. The advisors will also explain to you how you can find a competent lawyer for your specific case, as the ÖRA cannot represent you in court.

For legal advice, you must bring all documents pertaining to the legal case, as well as current proof of income and evidence of expenses (e.g. for rent and maintenance payments, necessary insurance).


  • low income and low wealth
    (The income limits are based on the Social Security Code, twelfth book (SGB XII).
    The calculation is made individually based on the personal situation.)
  • living in Hamburg
  • Work in Hamburg and this employment relationship requires legal advice
  • no lawyer is engaged in this matter
  • no membership in trade unions or interest groups (e.g. tenants' association) through which legal advice can be obtained
  • there is no legal protection insurance


The consultation of the ÖRA is currently taking place in the ÖRA main office (Dammtorstraße 14) only after prior appointment by telephone - telephone number (040) 42843-3072. In some district offices, counseling also only takes place by appointment. You can find information under the link "District offices of the ÖRA"

You can obtain information on out-of-court conciliation proceedings by calling +49 40 42843-4152 or on the ÖRA homepage (see links).

Complaints about advice in the ÖRA
If you have complaints about advice in the ÖRA, you can contact the ÖRA in writing: Brief description of what you did not like, as well as the date, place and, if necessary, a consultant or other person who was involved. The ÖRA will then respond.

Deaf people receive information via the email address

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