Property surveys
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Was versteht man unter Liegenschaftsvermessung?
Property surveying is understood to mean the surveying of parcels and buildings.
In relation to parcels, these are carried out by the State Office for Geoinformation and Surveying (LGV) for the following purposes:
  • Splitting parcels into two or more parcels
  • Merging of parcels
  • Creation, display and marking of boundary points
Other tasks are
  • Definition and securing of loading areas
  • On-site border negotiations in the event of unclear conditions regarding the border line
  • Clarification of inconsistencies regarding the borderline on site
  • Determination of distance measurements
    • of buildings
    • Building parts
    • Trees to the border
  • Certificates of land-related facts
  • Proof that you are the owner of the property
  • a power of attorney from the owner
  • or a sales contract


  • The parcel is their property.
  • If you do not own the parcel of land, you need a power of attorney from the owner.
  • In the case of co-ownership of a plot of land, everyone must agree to the measurement.
  • Leaseholders are also entitled to place orders.
An order can only be placed in writing.


Information about the owner of a house or property is generally not given for reasons of data protection.
Hamburg Law on Surveying (HmbVermG)

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Applications are only accepted by post, fax or email.

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