Church entry

For church admission, please contact your responsible parish:
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany (Northern Church), service phone 040 30 62 03 00
  • Archdiocese of Hamburg (Roman Catholic) Tel: 040 248 77 100
  • Catholic diocese of old Catholics in Germany: Tel .: 0228 23 22 85
  • Jewish community in Hamburg Tel .: 040 44 09 44 0
  • Evangelical Reformed Church (rf) Tel. 040 30 10 04 0


In the event of (re) entry into a religious community, the religious community generally informs the registration office, which then enters the church affiliation in the population register and transmits it to the financial administration's database.

There are five religious communities in Hamburg that have the church / cult tax administered by the tax offices:
1. Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany (Northern Church), 2. Roman Catholic Church, 3. Old Catholic Church,

4. Evangelical Reformed Church, 5. Jewish Community

Notes on church tax:
Information on how to calculate church tax can be obtained from the free service number of the North Church: 0800 - 118 12 04 (see Service: Calculating Church Tax.)

For information on changing your wage tax deduction criteria in connection with church membership, see service: ELStAM change after joining the church.

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