Infection hygiene, monitoring compliance in residential care facilities
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The public health service advises and monitors facilities (residential care facilities) with regard to compliance with hygiene regulations. In shared facilities, such as retirement and nursing homes, it is necessary to ensure that personal hygiene is maintained in order to protect against infection.
Documentation from the areas of hygiene plans, employee training, equipment maintenance.


No prerequisites.


The health authorities advise and guard appropriate facilities with regard to compliance with hygiene regulations. In addition, information about inadequate hygienic conditions is followed up.

Regular and event-related inspections by the health inspectorate take place.
Section 36 Protection against infection in certain institutions, companies and people; Authorization to issue ordinances - Act for the prevention and control of infectious diseases in humans (Infection Protection Act - IfSG)

§ 13 Compliance with Infection Hygiene - Law on the Public Health Service in Hamburg (Hamburgisches Gesundheitsdienstgesetz - HmbGDG) of July 18, 2001

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