Expertise on property values

Expert opinions are drawn up on the market value of developed or undeveloped land and condominiums.
The appraisal committee for property values in Hamburg and its office in the State Office for Geoinformation and Surveying (LGV) carry out the appraisals.
The reports provide information on preliminary land values, comparative values, standard land values and other data required for the valuation.
  • Informal written application
  • Declaration of consent from the owner
  • Power of attorney to inspect z. B. in the building file or the land register (see link owner power of attorney valuation order )
  • Questionnaire with detailed information about the property (see link information sheet for appraisal order )
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On the Internet

  • Information about real estate for a fee via the real estate value data information service IDA.HH (see link)
  • Free information on land values with the interactive land value map BORIS.HH (see link)
  • "What is my property worth?" (see link)
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Sections 192-194, 196 and 197 Building Code (BauGB)

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