IDA.HH real estate value data information Hamburg

Online information as PDF about data on the real estate market, in particular about approximate market values of undeveloped and developed properties as well as standard land values and other data required for the valuation.
The following information about real estate is available here: standard land values, provisional comparative values, provisional land values, building factors, income factors, property interest rates, real value factors, conversion coefficients, index series, sales figures, average purchase prices.
The following information must be kept ready:
  • road
  • House number
  • Type of use
  • Property size
  • Living / usable space
  • Construction year
  • Rental income
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Information on the Internet:
  • the chargeable property value data information IDA.HH (see link)
Section 196 (3) of the Building Code (BauGB)

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  • IDA.HH - real estate value data information Hamburg online
  • Enter the desired product
  • Entering the property data
  • Entering the invoice data (optional)
  • Online payment by credit card or direct debit
  • Download the PDF and the fee notice

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