Business, deregistration (district office)

Traders must report the abandonment of their business.
ID card or passport with last registration certificate.


Complete abandonment of the business or when the business is relocated to another federal state. The business must currently be registered in Hamburg.


The business de-registration can be done in person or in writing using the form (see Further information - Downloads) (in the latter case please enclose copies of the documents listed under Required documents). A written cancellation is recommended. A trade can also be deregistered by a person who can be shown to have been authorized and identified in writing by the trade owner.

The entry in the commercial register does not replace / contain the notification according to § 14 GewO (notification obligation). The trade must therefore be registered separately with the responsible district office to, from and to be re-registered.

Among other things, you will receive a notification of the business de-registration:

  • the responsible tax office,
  • the Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Crafts,
  • the professional association,
  • the office for occupational safety

This notification does not replace a special reporting obligation; In particular, in the case of craft businesses, it is still necessary to de-register at the Chamber of Crafts by presenting the craft card.

Business cancellations are also accepted in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts.

The relocation of the company outside of Hamburg is also considered a task; Therefore, in addition to a business de-registration in Hamburg, a business registration at the new place of operation is required.

§ 14 Trade Regulations (GewO)
Schedule of fees for economic administration

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