Approvals according to BImSchG (Federal Immission Control Act)
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Contact person in the authority for the environment and energy


Head of Corporate Environmental Protection
NN, Tel .: 040 42840-3221

Port, accident prevention, plan approval
Ms. Zandke-Schaffhäuser, , Tel .: 040 42840-2179
Energy generation and waste incineration
Miss Dr. Selke, , Tel .: 040 42840-2653
Metal and aerospace industries
Miss Dr. Kutzinski, , Tel .: 040 42840-2390
Food and genetic engineering
Dr. Niebel, , Tel .: 040 42840-2466
Chemical plants
Dr. Adam, , Tel .: 040 42840-2537
Refineries, tank terminals and cleaning companies
Mr. Prigge, , Tel .: 040 42840-2348

Waste disposal systems
Contact Person

Wastewater management
Contact Person

not specified

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