Announcement of a birth

Every birth of a child must be reported to the registry office responsible for the place of birth .
  • ID cards or passports with recent registration certificates
  • Documents about the marital status of the mother (Married: marriage certificate. Divorced: divorce decree and marriage certificate with a note of divorce. Singles: single certificate).
  • Birth certificate
  • First name slip
  • Birth certificates of both parents
  • If there are already siblings (with the same parents) to the newborn, please also submit their birth certificates.
  • If paternity has already been recognized for the newborn, then also the paternity recognition and, if necessary, the declaration of custody.

Collection is also possible upon presentation of a power of attorney. Relatives in a straight line (father / mother of the newborn) receive the certificate even without authorization.


Applicant must be over 16 years of age.


  • The registry offices only accept acknowledgment of paternity in connection with the birth certificate - an appointment is required for this .
  • Declarations of concern are only possible at the youth welfare office and can only be submitted at the youth welfare office. The youth welfare office also accepts paternity recognition (see link - Aid -).
  • The birth certificate is issued by the midwife and sent directly to the responsible registry office (except for home births).
  • The parents receive the form for the first name display at the hospital or at the responsible registry office.
  • In the case of foreign participation , a personal interview is also mandatory to clarify nationality and name. In this case , please make an appointment with the registry office responsible for the birth.
  • As part of the notification of a birth, in addition to the chargeable birth certificate for their own documents, the parents receive two free certificates to apply for parental allowance and for the purpose of registering with the health insurance company. Another certificate to apply for child benefit is only issued for births in maternity or midwifery centers.
§ 18 ff. Personal Status Act (PStG)
§ 31 ff. Personal Status Ordinance (PStV)
Section 61 PStG Paragraph 1, Sentence 3 - Minimum age for application

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In some hospitals, the necessary documents and fees for the certification are requested from the parents in the hospital, prepared and sent directly to the responsible registry office together with the birth announcement. The certification is then carried out there.

In the case of hospitals that do not do this, the birth announcement is sent directly to the registry office. ONLY when the birth notification is available at the registry office, the parents can notify the birth of their child with the other required documents (see Required documents).

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