Certificate of marital status, issue

A certificate of marital status is required for Germans who want to get married abroad.
It is a certificate from the home registry office that a marriage between exactly these two people would be effective under home law (if requested here, then under German law). Therefore, the dates of both marriage partners must always be mentioned in the certificate of marriage eligibility.
The documents required to apply for the certificate of marital status depend on the personal circumstances of the respective bride and groom.
  • If both fiancĂ©s are German, you can telephone to inquire about which documents are required.
  • In the case of foreign participation, a personal appearance is required, as it depends on the individual case.


The registry office of the main place of residence (or of the last place of residence in Germany) of the German fiancé is responsible for issuing a certificate of marriageability for a marriage abroad.
Section 39 of the Civil Status Act

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