With a referendum, the citizens of a district actively decide on a district political issue. A successful referendum is a prerequisite for a referendum.

All residents of the affected district who are entitled to vote at the district assembly are entitled to vote in a referendum. Each person entitled to vote receives an information booklet and the documents for the postal vote. In addition, those entitled to vote will be informed of the voting date and the location for voting.

In addition to the submission of the initiators of the referendum, the district assembly can submit its own submission for voting. Each template must contain a question that can be answered with yes or no. Each person entitled to vote has one vote for each proposal. If the drafts contradict each other, those entitled to vote can decide with another vote which draft they would prefer (key question). The majority of the valid votes cast decides on the success of the referendum.

A referendum has the same effect as a decision of the district assembly.


The voting services only provide general information. For information on the content of referendums, please contact the initiators' addresses.

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