Development plan procedure, customary announcement

Resolutions for installation, early public participation and public interpretations are published in the official gazette as is customary for the location.
As is customary in the area, early public participation will also be announced via posters in public spaces.
Public interpretations are also published at
Established development plans are published in the Law and Ordinance Gazette.
The official gazette as well as the law and regulation gazette are available on the internet at and on the district internet pages. Furthermore, depending on the district, information is provided in the individual procedural steps in the land-use planning via the press and the landlord's newspaper.
For information on individual development plan procedures, please contact the urban and landscape planning department of the responsible district office. For questions about building applications, please contact the relevant WBZ of the responsible district office


No information or advice about the buildability of land. For these cases, please use the link - construction advice.

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