Trees on private land

Implementation of the Tree Protection Ordinance to protect and maintain the tree population
- Ensuring the efficiency of the ecosystem
- Design, structure and maintenance of the site and landscape
- Defense against harmful effects
- Improvement of the urban climate and the small-scale climatic conditions
- Preservation of a species-rich tree population
- Preservation of zones of rest and relaxation
- Preservation of habitats for animals.
  • Informal written application or application form (see link) with justification and a sketch of the location (in writing means by post, fax or e-mail with a scanned application with signature).
  • A wooded area plan is required for construction projects.
  • Photo of the tree (optional)
  • If necessary, power of attorney from the property owner or a person authorized to represent


A written application is required in order to obtain a permit to fell or cut protected trees and hedges (application form see link). Alternatively, you can also use the online service “Felling or pruning trees and other woody plants” (see links).

The Tree Protection Ordinance does not apply to fruit trees and to individual trees with a trunk diameter of less than 25 cm, measured at a height of 130 cm. The pruning of hedges (removal of the annual growth) is also not covered by the Tree Protection Ordinance. For more information, please refer to the information sheet on tree protection (see link).

Note: The Tree Protection Ordinance does not apply in designated protected areas (landscape protection / nature protection areas). As a rule, all trees and shrubs are protected here. A written application is also required for felling.

For reasons of species protection, it is generally forbidden to cut trees, hedges and bushes or to put them on the cane between 01.03 and 30.09, even if they are not otherwise protected. Exemptions are only possible in individual cases.

Felling permits are granted for a limited period (usually for three years). Felling may take place within this period (taking into account the specified period of protection)

Tree Protection Ordinance

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As an alternative to submitting a written application, you can also use the online service “Felling or pruning trees and other trees” (see links). There you will find all the important information and forms (e.g. power of attorney). The built-in case check determines whether a permit is required. If so, in the second step you can take over the entered data, upload the required documents and submit the application online.

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