BAföG, students

The Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG for short) regulates state support for the training of schoolchildren and students in Germany. The abbreviation BAföG is also used colloquially to refer to the funding resulting from the law. The main goals of BAföG are to increase equality of opportunity in education and to mobilize educational reserves in the lower-income sections of the population.
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All forms that only require a signature can be filled out and submitted online.


The student union of the university at which the student is enrolled is responsible. If the student is enrolled in Hamburg, the Hamburg Student Union is responsible. 50% of the funding is granted as a grant and 50% as a loan.

Forms that only require a signature can be completed and submitted online. In addition, other documents that do not require a signature can also be transmitted online and securely using an upload portal. The new procedure simplifies the application process for both the students and the offices.

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