Conversion of a civil partnership into a marriage

Persons living in a registered civil partnership can convert this into a marriage since October 1, 2017.

If the civil partners have not yet had a common civil partnership name, they can determine a married name as part of the marriage.

  • Valid identity card or passport.
  • Current certificate of residence or extended registration certificate stating the marital status (is often also referred to as a certificate of unmarried status). The certificate must not be older than 6 months on the day of registration for conversion. The single certificate can be issued for persons registered in Hamburg in connection with the conversion declaration at the registry office - for a fee (fee - see link single certificate).
  • If the birth was notarized in Germany: certified extract from the (electronic) birth register or certified copy from the birth register.
  • If the birth was certified abroad: current birth certificate.
  • If the existing civil partnership was not established at the registry office that is to receive the conversion declaration, the civil partners must also submit a civil partnership certificate or a printout from the civil partnership register.


The two life partners must live in a registered civil partnership and declare in front of a registrar, personally and with simultaneous presence, that they want to marry each other for life.


The civil partners concerned register the intended conversion of their civil partnership into a marriage at the responsible registry office.

In order to register the marriage, both partners usually go to the responsible registry office together. If one of the two partners is unable to attend, he can authorize the other partner in writing. The registry office needs the written power of attorney of the prevented partner.
If both are prevented for an important reason, they can also register the conversion in writing or through a proxy.

Even after the civil partnership has been converted into a marriage, the date on which the civil partnership is established is decisive for the rights and obligations of the civil partners.
  • Sections 11, 12 Paragraph 1 and Paragraph 2 No. 1 to 3, Sections 14 to 16, Section 17a of the Civil Status Act
  • ยงยง 28 ff. Civil Status Ordinance
  • Section 20a Life Partnership Act
  • Sections 1309, 1353, 1355 Civil Code
  • Art. 3 of the law introducing the right to marry for persons of the same sex

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