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You are entitled to unemployment benefit if the following conditions are met: you must be unemployed, you must have completed the qualifying period and you must have personally registered as unemployed. According to the Third Book of the Social Code (SGB III), a distinction is made between two types of reporting to the Employment Agency: 1. Job seeker report: The job seeker report is required so that the Employment Agency can support you in looking for a new job. There is a legal obligation to register as a jobseeker no later than three months before the end of an employment or external training relationship. It must be done personally at an employment agency. If there are less than three months between knowing the time of termination and the termination of the employment and training relationship, the report must be made within three days of knowing the time of termination. So that you do not miss the deadlines, you can also register as a jobseeker online or by telephone on 0 800 4 5555 00. However, the prerequisite for the effectiveness of the telephone or online jobseeker registration is that you make up the personal jobseeker registration at the employment agency by appointment. This saves you additional or unnecessary journeys and waiting times. Even if the employer promises continued employment or the continuation of the employment or training relationship is asserted in court, there is an obligation to report. Please note that a blocking period of one week can occur if you do not register as a jobseeker at an employment agency as described above. 2. Unemployment registration: The unemployment registration serves to secure your financial entitlements. It is an indispensable prerequisite for receiving unemployment benefits and must be done in person at the employment agency responsible for your place of residence at the latest on the first day of unemployment (no earlier than three months in advance).
When registering as unemployed for the first time, it is essential to have an identity card or passport with the last certificate of registration.


Free telephone hotline for employers (also for the assignment of company numbers and short-time work allowance): 0800 4 5555 20

The offices are currently not open to the public. But we are still there for you.
In order to be available to the people of Hamburg in the current situation, we have set up an additional hotline, which is manned by local specialists. This is chargeable and connected in addition to the existing hotlines:
+49 40 2485-3333 (for employees)

You can also register as a jobseeker online after registering in advance; If necessary, it is also possible to submit an application in this way. For more information, see the link "How to apply for unemployment benefit (register as a jobseeker online)".

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