Certified extract from the birth register Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The registry office of the place of the event (birth registry office) is responsible for issuing civil status documents. A descent certificate (now: certified register printout) always indicates the biological descent of the child, i.e. the biological parents. Certificates / information can only be obtained for yourself and your spouse, life partner, parents and children without a power of attorney. Authorities only receive documents / information within the scope of their jurisdiction. Other persons will only receive documents / information if they have a power of attorney from an authorized person (identification of the principal must be brought with them) or if a legal interest can be made credible (Section 62 (1) PStG).

In the case of a personal interview: ID cards or passports, if available an old birth certificate, if necessary proof of legal interest - data protection. Civil status certificate that clarifies / proves the family relationship; if the applicant does not agree with the holder of the certificate. Application and collection also possible with submission of a power of attorney. Relatives in a straight line (father / mother or daughter / son or spouse / life partner) receive the certificate even without power of attorney.

Applicant must be over 16 years of age.

No telephone orders! Birth certificates can be requested in writing (letter post, e-mail, fax) or in person. If you no longer know the location of the event registered by the registry office, please contact the general register of the Hamburg registry offices in writing. There it can be determined which registry office has notarized the civil status case. For cases of civil status (birth, marriage, death) that have been recorded in a Hamburg registry office since 2009 , further documents can be issued in all Hamburg registry offices . These documents, which are issued by a civil registry office other than the notarizing registry office, are provided with the addition - Certificate in accordance with Section 67 (3) of the Civil Status Act. Important note !: With this addition, documents are not recognized abroad, eg birth certificates for entry into the USA. They must be issued by the registry office originally responsible. For birth certificates of births that are more than 110 years ago, please contact the Hamburg State Archives (see link).
Section 61 PStG Paragraph 1, Sentence 3 - Minimum age for application

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