EU funding; EU Advisory Centre Hessen

Citizens, businesses and research institutions and local authorities often do not know who to turn to in order to obtain initial information on the European Union's funding opportunities. The EU Advisory Centre Hessen wants to remedy this situation. It serves as a central point of contact and as the country's service point in all matters of EU funding. As a facilitator, it is primarily intended to establish a link between those who seek funding and/or cooperation partners in Europe for their ideas and projects and the counselling centres that supervise EU programmes in the country and in the federal government. At the same time, the EU Advisory Centre aims to contribute to a better networking of existing support structures in the country. The close coordination of the funding structures in Hesse and increased cooperation with the country's representation in the EU are intended to ensure optimum use of European funds in Hesse. Services of the EU Advisory Centre General information on European funding programmes Mediation to the responsible contact person at state and federal level as well as at EU level Networking of existing EU funding and advisory structures in Hesse Influence on the future design of EU funding programmes

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