Day mother/father - permission for day care Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Would you like to work as a day mother or day caregiver? For day care, you need a permit if all of the following criteria apply: They look after children outside the parental home, for part of the day, more than 15 hours per week, for remuneration and longer than 3 months. Note: In day care, children under 3 years of age are mainly cared for, and the (supplementary) care in day care of children of kindergarten or school age is also possible. Day care for children is usually an offer of public youth assistance. This means that the youth office of your county or city is responsible for the care of the children in day care and for the day mothers and day fathers.

In the consultation at your youth office, you will find out which documents you need in concrete terms in order to submit the application for a permit for day care and to be able to work as a day mother or day father. These include, for example, a police certificate of leadership or proof of participation in a course "First aid for infants and young children".

Please check with your local youth office.

You as a future day mother or day father must be suitable for day care. Suitable are those persons who are distinguished by their personality, competence and willingness to cooperate with guardians and other day-mothers and day fathers and who have child-friendly premises.

As a day mother or day father, you usually conclude a care contract with your parents, which, for example, results in the amount of time the care is taken.
Section 43 Social Code, Eighth Book (SGB VIII) - Permission for day care for children

Application Before applying for permission to take care of children, you should seek advice from the Youth Office. There you will find out which requirements you specifically meet and which proofs you need to provide. You make the application in writing to the local youth office, you can also give it there personally for the transcript. Submit the necessary documents for the application. Granting of permission for day care for children The Youth Office checks whether you are suitable as a day care professional. If you meet the requirements, the Youth Office issues the care permit.

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