Recognition as a Markscheider Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you are engaged in activities reserved for mark separators under the Federal Mining Act (BBergG) or other legislation (e.g. to run cracking plants of mining companies, to create location cracks for mining property, to create a new determine the angle of influence of underground mining companies) in Hesse, you must be recognized as a mark separator or mark scheider. Recognition is not required for those who are already recognised as Markscheider in another country of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Application Resume Proof of the required qualification for the higher civil service in the mark-off compartment official medical certificate ; applicants from another Member State of the European Union or from another Contracting State, in accordance with the Agreement on the European Economic Area, a medical certificate required in that State or a medical certificate required by the certificate of physical and mental health of the applicant issued by the competent authority Declaration that a certificate of management has been requested from the reporting authority or registry for submission to the competent authority Declaration of the existing or intended location of the establishment with all branches and field offices Explanation of whether the recognition as a Markscheider already exists in another Land or whether an application for recognition has been submitted

In order to be recognised as a Markscheiderin or Markscheider, you must the competence for the higher civil service in the mark-off subject (in particular the existence of the Great State Examination in the Markscheidefach),;die Competence for the higher civil service in the Markscheidefach is an examination taken outside the Federal Republic of Germany provided that the training and examination correspond to the nature and extent of the training and examination for the higher civil service in the mark age. In the absence of equivalence between training and examination, recognition may be made conditional on the performance of supplementary training and on the passing of an additional examination. the reliability required for the activity and the physical and mental aptitude required for the activity Bring.

Recognition shall be refused if facts justify the assumption that the applicant does not have the reliability required for the activity of a markscheider or that, as a result of a weakness in the physical or mental health of the market, the applicant has not had the necessary reliability. forces to carry out the activity of the Markscheider is permanently incapable. The recognition as a mark separator may be revoked if the Markscheider does not carry out the markscheider and other surveying work in connection with activities and facilities in accordance with Section 2 of the Federal Mining Act in accordance with the rules of the markscheide and surveying or the corresponding regulations or orders of the Darmstadt Regional Council as a mining authority, or the advertisements and reports for which it is obliged to submit them are not available to the Darmstadt Regional Council as submitted to the mining authority. The recognition expires if the Markscheider renounces it to the Darmstadt Regional Council as a mining authority. If facts justify the presumption that the conditions for recognition as a markscheider do not exist in Hesse, the Darmstadt Regional Council, as a mining authority, may restrict the exercise of his activity to a recognised markscheider or Prohibit.
Act on Recognition as mark scheider (Markscheidergesetz) Section 64 of the Federal Mining Act (BBergG) - Markscheider