Persons entitled to prove that they have been required to provide structural evidence, apply for registration Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Since 1.10.2002, proof satison of stability, including the duration of fire resistance of load-bearing components, preventive fire protection, sound and thermal insulation and evidence for energy generation plants of persons entitled to do so ( persons entitled to provide evidence) or, after verifying compliance with the requirements of this Act or under this Act, by experts. This evidence is no longer checked by the building inspectorate. When does a person entitled to provide evidence have to take action? Thermal and sound insulation: Thermal insulation and soundproofing evidence is generally required, i.e. for buildings of building classes 1 -5 as well as for special buildings within the meaning of Section 2 para. 8 HBO. Preventive fire protection: In preventive fire protection, a person entitled to proof only has to act for building class 4. For building class 5, an inspection expert according to the Hessian Building Code - HBO - is required. In the case of special buildings, a building inspection will continue to be carried out with regard to preventive fire protection. Stability: In the case of stability, the powers of the person entitled to prove are derived as a reversal from a list of criteria, which is annexed to Section 2(5) of the Ordinance on The Proof of Persons entitled to prove. The person entitled to prove may not produce evidence thereafter, for example, if the basic building conditions are not clear and do not allow for a normal flat foundation according to DIN 1054. In other cases, with the exception of special buildings, the stability testers must act according to HBO. For special buildings, it remains the case with the building inspection. Persons entitled to prove are persons, in particular architects and civil engineers, who, on the basis of their professional experience and references, are entered in the special lists of persons entitled to proof under the Hessian Building Code - HBO - both at the Chamber of Architects and Urban Planners Hessen - AKH - and at the Chamber of Engineers of the State of Hesse -IngKH.

Ordinance on The Persons Entitled to Prove for Structural Evidence in accordance with the Hessian Building Code (Proof-Holders Ordinance - NBVO)