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If you want to know about your family tree in Hesse in the future, you can now check the birth, marriage and death second books from the Hessian districts and district-free cities within certain deadlines in the Hessen Civil Status Archive. The basis for this is the Civil Status Act, which was amended on 01.01.2009. Until now, access and review of the books and the issue of civil status certificates could only be required "by persons to which the entry relates, as well as by their spouses, ancestors and descendants." Other people had to demonstrate a "legal interest" to this end. The following civil status documents are now available for scientific research and genealogical research within the framework of the provisions of archive law: Death records that were registered 30 years ago, Marriage Register, which was registered 80 years ago and Birth registers which were closed 110 years ago and whose continuation periods have expired. In Hesse, the municipalities regulate the archiving of the first books of registry offices under their own responsibility; the state archives take over the second books of the civil registry supervisory authorities at the district committees. The Hessen Civil Status Archive was set up at the Marburg State Archives on 1 January 2009 to archive these second books. Since July 2010, it has been based in Neustadt (Hessen), Leipziger Straße 83, where, in addition to the civil status archive, the land register archive and the restoration workshop of the State Archives are housed.

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Since mid-2010, the second books from the 21 districts and 5 district-free cities of Hesse have been gradually transferred to the civil status archive. The already accessible holdings are listed on the homepage of the civil status archive; online search of the existing register volumes is possible via the Hessian Archive Documentation and Information System

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