War victim care, benefits for participation in working life

Benefits for participation in working life are intended to ensure the initial integration or reintegration of the health-impaired person into work, work and society.

They include, for example, retraining, training and further training, as well as the financing of technical work aids or integration grants and other benefits to employers. Benefits are only eligible for the injured themselves or their widows and widowers.

Applications are not bound by any form, but "formal requests" are recommended.

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Benefits of war victims' care may, on request, be granted to persons for whom the pension administration in Hesse has recognised a claim "Hessisches Amt für Versorgung und Soziales".

The war victims' care includes the following other benefits:
Help for care, help for the continuation of the household, help for the elderly, recreation assistance, help in special situations, educational allowance, sickness assistance housing assistance, supplementary support for subsistence

Benefits of war victims' care must be applied for at the main welfare office. However, applications are also accepted by all other social security institutions and the municipalities.

  • Hessisches Amt für Versorgung und Soziales

Section 26, Section 26a of the Federal Supply Act (BVG)

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