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The amount of the care allowance depends on the extent of the care required. It is divided into six levels. Level I: 305.00 Euro (from 01.07.17: 311 Euro) Level II: 521.00 Euro (from 01.07.17: 531 Euro) Level III: 741,00 Euro (from 01.07.17: 755Euro) Level IV: 951,00 Euro (from 01.07.17: 969 Euro) Level V: 1.235,00 Euro (from 01.07.17: 1.258 Euro) Level VI: 1.519 ,00 Euro (from 01.07.17: 1.548 Euro) The classification is checked individually for each case. Blind persons receive at least level III.

Documents establishing helplessness (medical certificate)

You can obtain the application form from the relevant office.

Helplessness Damaged persons are helpless if they permanently require outside assistance for a number of frequently and regularly recurring activities to secure their personal existence in the course of each day. These conditions are also fulfilled if: the assistance is required in the form of supervision or guidance, or. the assistance does not have to be provided on a permanent basis, but a constant readiness to provide assistance is required. Helplessness is assumed in the case of the following illnesses: blindness and severe visual impairment Paraplegia and other disabilities that require the use of a wheelchair permanently and permanently, including within the living space. in the case of brain damage, seizure disorders, mental retardation and psychoses, if these disabilities alone cause a GdS of 100 Loss of two or more limbs, with the exception of amputation of the lower leg or foot on both sides.
You can apply for the care allowance from the competent body. If you are unable to visit the competent body (for health reasons, for example), send an informal application and enclose copies of the necessary documents. The certificate will then be sent to you.

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