War victims' care, benefits of the elderly Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The aim of helping the elderly is to help prevent, overcome or alleviate the difficulties arising from age. The focus is on advice and assistance in the procurement of an age-appropriate home, in the use of special services or in the provision of a suitable home place. Cash benefits can also be granted, for example for age-appropriate housing conversion, for meal services, for domestic help, for attending events, for maintaining links with relatives and acquaintances.

Applications are not bound by any form, but it is advisable to use 'formal requests'.

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Benefits of war victims' care may, on request, be granted to persons for whom the pension administration in Hesse has recognised a claim "Hessisches Amt für Versorgung und Soziales". The war victims' care includes the following other benefits: Help for care, help to keep the household, recovery aid, assistance in special situations, benefits for participation in working life, sickness assistance, educational allowance, housing assistance, supplementary support for subsistence Benefits of war victims' care must be applied for at the main welfare office. However, applications are also accepted by all other social security institutions and the municipalities.
Section 26e Federal Supply Act (BVG)

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