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Play equipment with the possibility of winning (money and merchandise toys) may only be installed commercially if the Federal Institute of Physics and Technology has approved its design. You must apply for this approval as the manufacturer of the gaming device.

The application must be submitted in writing with a legally binding signature of the applicant. Additional technical descriptions can be provided in electronic form. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt or a request to submit any missing documents. Documents: Description of the play equipment Blueprint Operating instructions technical description of the components a sample device This should be complete and functional and suitable for series production. written declaration of the existence of the general conditions At the request of the competent authority, you must provide further documentation. Tip: A detailed list and description of the documents can be found in Appendix 2 of the Technical Directive of the Federal Institute of Physics and Technology.

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The requirements for the approval of play equipment are regulated in Sections 12, 13 and 14 of the Game Ordinance (SpielV). Section 12 SpielV presupposes, among other things, that the money gaming device submitted for examination profits must be paid out at such a level that, in the long term, no amount greater than EUR 33.00 per hour remains as cash content; the winning prospects are random and equal opportunities are opened up for each player, all amounts posted on the coin and prize stores are automatically paid out at the beginning of a break, and the possibility is available to document all bets, profits and cash contents for tax surveys. For money gaming equipment, the following additional admission requirements are laid down in Section 13 SpielV: The minimum playing time is 5 seconds. The stake may not exceed 0.20 euros and the profit must not exceed 2.00 euros. If the distance between 2 operating performances exceeds 5 seconds and a maximum of 75 seconds, the bet may be increased by a maximum of 0.03 euros per full second. If the gap is extended between 2 payouts beyond 5 seconds to a maximum of 75 seconds, the profit may be increased by a maximum of EUR 0.30 per full second. Any further increases in stake and profit are excluded. The sum of the losses (stakes minus winnings) may not exceed EUR 80.00 in the course of one hour. The sum of the winnings minus the bets may not exceed EUR 500.00 in the course of one hour. After one hour of play, the game equipment takes a minimum of 5 minutes of play, during which no bets are accepted and winnings are awarded. The start of the break may be delayed as long as winnings significantly exceed the stakes. The storage of money amounts in bet and profit stores is limited to 25.00 Euros if the player accepts money. Higher amounts are paid out automatically immediately after posting. There is an operating device for the player, with which he can pre-adjust whether booked amounts are used unaffected or every single bet is made by actuation. In addition, there is a non-lockable payout device that allows the player to have unrestricted lybooked amounts, which are greater than or equal to 0.20 euros in total. The game may only be operated with coins and banknotes denominated in euros and only directly on the gaming device. The gaming equipment includes a control device that records all bets, winnings and the contents of the cash register in a timely, direct and readable manner. The control body ensures compliance with limits on the amount of play, duration, profit and loss. The play equipment and its components must be built reliably and secured against modification according to the state of the art according to the function. The play equipment must be designed in such a way that the conformity of the replica devices with the approved design can be verified. The Federal Institute of Physics and Technology has published a Technical Directive on its website, which provides further explanations of the conditions for admission. For merchandise games equipment, the relevant article 14 SpielV is relevant, in which appropriately adapted similar conditions apply as for the approval of money gaming machines.

Tip: The Federal Institute of Physics and Technology has published a technical guideline on its website. In Part III you will find detailed information on the exact procedure, a detailed description of the required documents and a sample application. If the design of your play equipment is approved, you will receive an admission certificate. On request, you will receive an approval certificate and an approval mark for each replica device of the approved type. The registration certificate contains the following information: Name of the play device Name and place of residence of the marketing authorisation holder Description of the play equipment as well as possibly overview drawings and illustrations Identification of the hardware and software modules used in the case of goods toys: designation of the parking spaces and the installation time where applicable, conditions associated with the authorisation The approval document shall contain the name of the play equipment, the name and place of residence of the licence holder, the beginning and end of the installation period and indications of regulations to be observed during the operation of the play equipment. The Federal Institute of Physics and Technology announces the approval of a type as well as changes, the revocation or withdrawal of approvals on its Internet pages. The authorisation must be withdrawn or revoked if: reasons for failure become known retrospectively, or the applicant modifines approved play equipment according to the characteristics specified in the licence.

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