Construction: Deviation/Exception/Exemption Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If the provisions of the building planning law or the building regulations are to be waived, an application for exemption, exemption or derogation may be made. The application, which must be justified, shall be decided by the Building Inspectorate. In building application procedures, a decision is taken on a requested deviation from the provisions of the building regulations or an exception or exemption from planning law regulations with the building application. An independent deviation request is only possible for structural installations in accordance with Section 73 OF THE HBO. This is not possible for unlicensed projects in the planned area (Section 63 HBO). In such cases, a decision on the derogation, exemption or exemption must be taken in an authorisation procedure.

Request for deviation / exception / exemption pursuant to Section 73 Hessian Building Code - HBO - / Section 31 Building Code - BauGB - with justification and explanation of the compensation measure Property plan (location plan/extract from the property map) not older than 12 months and with a measured entry of the project Ev. further required documents can be obtained from the Building Inspectorate are affected by the deviation / exception / exemption of neighborly rights, a participation of the neighborhood takes place. A prior neighbourly consent can significantly speed up the procedure.

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