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A variety of regulations must be observed when constructing, setting up, modifying, changing the use of, demolishing or removing structural installations. Anyone who violates the building regulations - intentionally or negligently - acts in an irregular manner. In addition, many of the legislation of the so-called building law contains independent provisions on administrative offences. For example, it is illegal to act as to who an enforceable written order of the building inspectorate (e.g. cessation of work, disposal of installations) Constructed, modified, used or removed without the necessary building permit or, by way of derogation, buildings (construction facilities) starts with the implementation of a construction project exempted from the permit before the expiry of 3 weeks after the confirmed date of receipt of the documents work begins without receiving the (required) building permit and having submitted the structural evidence and the start of construction notice to the building inspectorate, and also resisting the measures of the construction supervision (calls and notification obligations) the start of construction notice is not refunded or not refunded on time Construction products marked with the OB mark without the prerequisites being met Construction products without OB sign used Used in individual cases without general building approval, general building inspection certificate or approval as a builder, draftsman, entrepreneur, construction manager or as their representative in breach of his legal obligations provides inaccurate information or submit inaccurate plans or documents to obtain or prevent an administrative decision (e.g. a building permit or disposal order) It is therefore recommended that, in cases of doubt, contact the competent building inspectorate or the municipality before carrying out a work relevant to construction law.

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