Aid for the blind/increasing performance Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Aid for the blind is a social assistance benefit to compensate for additional expenses due to blindness, which is dependent on income and wealth. It may be applied for under the following conditions: Relocation of Hesse to a stationary facility in another federal state Admission to a Hessian institution, provided that the habitual stay in Hesse was justified for less than 2 months prior to admission. In addition to the Hessian State Blind Allowance, blind people of old age can apply for top-up benefits. It is also an income- and wealth-related social assistance benefit, which increases the amount of blind people by another 14 percent.

In the case of new applications, an application for the blind and an ophthalmological certificate is sufficient. For top-up payments, please contact your clerk at LWV Hessen

In the land of Hesse, the law on the state blind money is primarily eligible for blind money. See also the keyword landesblindengeld.
Section 72 SGB XII

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