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If you wish to carry out commercial passenger transport by car, you will need a permit. Carriage by car is provided if a car is rented in its entirety for carriage and with which a journey is carried out, the purpose, destination and procedure of which is determined by the lessee. Unlike taxi traffic, you may only carry out transport orders in the carriage of car rentals that have been received at your place of business or in your home. After the execution of the transport order, the rental car must in principle return to the place of operation immediately.

The application for authorisation should include: Personal data (name, first name, address of residence, date and place of birth, address of residence abroad) of the applicant if applicable, information about the company (company name, registered office, address) Content of the application (implementation of tax traffic; number, type and number of seats of the vehicles provided) personal details (see above) of the person appointed to run the business Information on whether the applicant already holds or has a licence to carry out tax transactions Location, Date, Signature The application shall be attached to documents enabling a judgment to be made as to the reliability of the applicant and the safety and performance of the establishment. The performance shall be demonstrated by the presentation of the following certificates: Certificate of safety issued by the tax office, the municipality, the social security institution and the professional association, the dates of which may not be more than 3 months at the time of application. Certificate of equity issued by an auditor, tax consultant or other person referred to in Section 2 (2) s. 1 no. 2 of the Road Passenger Traffic Ordinance (PBZugV). In the case of undertakings which are unable to present annual accounts, a balance sheet confirmed by the abovementioned bodies shall be presented. The cut-off date of the equity certificate or balance sheet may not be more than one year ago at the time of application. The approval authority may require further information and documents, in particular the presentation of a certificate of management.

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Approval may only be granted if: the safety and performance of the establishment are guaranteed, there are no facts to prove the unreliability of the applicant as an entrepreneur or the person appointed to conduct the business; the applicant is technically suitable as an entrepreneur or the person appointed to conduct the business, and the applicant and the contractors appointed by him to carry out the car transport shall have their registered office or establishment within the meaning of commercial law within the country.

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