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Tax advisors and tax agents must be appointed by the Chamber of Tax Advisors responsible for their profession in order to carry out their profession. At the same time, the appointment establishes membership of the Chamber of Tax Advisors. The Chambers of Tax Advisers are bodies governed by public law. One of the main tasks of the Board is, in particular, to safeguard the professional interests of all the members and to supervise the performance of professional duties.

The following documents must be attached to the application for order: Certificate of the successfully passed tax advisor examination/suitability test or exemption from this examination or certified copy thereof. a current passport picture in addition, in the case of lawyers, established European lawyers, auditors or sworn accountants: a certificate from the competent professional organisation (chamber) that no facts are known justifying the withdrawal or revocation of the admission or appointment or the initiation of professional proceedings against the applicant. proof of professional liability insurance or proof of co-insurance with an employer Note: You must apply to the reporting authority for a management certificate (document type O) for submission to the Chamber of Tax Advisors. This is automatically sent to the chamber.

To be appointed as a tax advisor, you must have passed the examination as a tax advisor or the aptitude test, or be exempt from the test and at least have the intention of setting up a professional establishment. In addition, the Chamber of Tax Advisors must check before ordering whether the applicant is personally suitable. There may still be no grounds for refusal under Section 40(2) of the Tax Advisory Act.

Tax advisors must establish and maintain a professional establishment immediately after the appointment (Section 34 paragraph 1 sentence 1 StBerG). Note: Further information can be obtained from the Hessen Chamber of Tax Advisors or from their homepage.
You must apply in writing to the Hessen Chamber of Tax Advisors for the appointment as a tax advisor in accordance with the officially prescribed form. If all the requirements for the order are met, you will be appointed as a tax advisor by handing over a certificate. They are entered in the professional register of the Chamber of Tax Advisors of Hesse.

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