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At the Chamber of Engineers Hessen (IngKH) there are 2 forms of membership: A compulsory membership in the Chamber of Engineers is for freelance engineers who are self-responsible and independent (consulting engineers, urban planners). Employed engineers may voluntarily join the Chamber. The Board keeps lists of Consulting engineers, Urban planner - IngKH, voluntary members, Persons entitled to prove, building rights and test experts, publicly appointed and sworn experts (order by IngKH), Specialist planner. As mandatory members, the Chamber of Engineers owns all to the list of consulting engineers or to the list of city planners - IngKH registered persons.

Application form/staff sheet Certified copies of the engineering-examination certificates or bachelor's and master's certificates as well as the Diploma Supplement or the official confirmation of the authorization to lead the professional title "Engineer" according to the Hessian Engineering Act of 15.07.1970 (GVBI. 407) Evidence (certificates, reference list, etc.) about practical engineering activities of at least 3 years If applicable, a member certificate of the consultant engineer of another chamber of engineers Certificate of leadership (not older than 3 months) Declaration of professional independence Assignment to specialist groups and/or working groups Proof of professional liability insurance Direct debit authorisation for one-off inspection and registration fee as well as the annual contribution calculation

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Consulting engineers Authorization to perform the professional drawing "engineer" alone or in a word connection Proven professional practice of at least 3 years as an engineer Urban Planner - IngKH Studies in the fields of civil engineering, geography, surveying or regional care with special ization, postgraduate or supplementary studies in urban planning And Proven professional practice over a period of 2 years (full-time full-time or part-time employment equivalent to a comparable full-time job) Or 5 years of professional practice in the absence of focus, postgraduate or supplementary studies Note: Professional practice includes an activity carried out under the expert supervision of a professional in the main professional tasks of urban planning, for example: Environmental, spatial, area planning Regional Infrastructure planning (transport and urban water management) Volunteer members At their request, voluntary members shall include and include in a corresponding list those may hold the professional title of "engineer", a practical professional activity as an engineer of at least 2 years, and have an apartment, establishment and employment in the country. Engineers without the required practical occupation and students of an engineering degree can be admitted as non-voting members.
The requirements for admission as an advisory engineer and urban planner - IngKH will be examined by a registration committee upon your written request. After admission to the Chamber, you will receive a certificate of entry in the corresponding list. The certificate must be returned in the event of cancellation of the registration.

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