State Veterinary Association Hessen - Register ing the membership Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Veterinarians in Hesse can only work after receiving the German approval or obtaining permission for the temporary or limited exercise of the veterinary profession. By law, you are a member of the State Veterinary Association of Hesse when you start working in Hesse. You are obliged to register with the Board within 4 weeks. The main tasks of the Board include: to take on the professional interests of the members, promote the education and training of its members, and to monitor the performance of professional duties. As a member, you must pay an annual fee. The board collects this in order to cover its expenses. The first calendar year after you have received the approval or professional license, you are exempt from the contributions. Note: If you move your veterinary activity or residence abroad (without being a veterinarian), you can remain a voluntary member.

Completed registration form Certificate of approval or certificate of authorisation for the exercise of the veterinary profession Doctoral certificate or certificate of approval for the conduct of academic degrees, evidence of the award of professional or service titles Documents authorising the management of a territorial, sub-territorial or additional designation Note: The documents must be presented as officially certified copies.

You must Veterinarian and be in possession of a German approval or have a temporary or limited permit to practise the veterinary profession (issued in Hesse by the Giessen Government Office) and be a veterinary worker in Hesse or, if you do not pursue your profession, are domiciled in Hesse.
Please contact the office of the National Veterinary Association in advance by phone, e-mail or fax or download the form on the Chamber's website. This will send you the registration documents by post.