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In the case of animal testing, a distinction is made between experimental projects subject to authorisation and those subject to notification. You need approval if you are Preventing, detecting or treating diseases, suffering, bodily harm or physical discomfort, or identifying or influencing physiological conditions or functions in humans or animals, Identification of environmental hazards, testing of substances or products for safety of human or animal health or for their effectiveness against animal pests or for the Basic essential animal testing. You need an advertisement for experimental projects, their implementation is expressly required by law, regulation or by the pharmacopoeia or by a directly applicable act of an institution of the European Communities, provided for in a general administrative provision issued by the Federal Government or a Federal Ministry with the consent of the Federal Council in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act (Sections 7 (2) and 3), or ordered by a judge or an authority on the basis of a law or a legal regulation or an act of an institution of the European Communities directly applicable or, in individual cases, as a condition for the adoption of an administrative act is required; which are carried out on animals as vaccinations, blood samples or other diagnostic measures in accordance with already tested procedures, and detection, in particular, of diseases, suffering, bodily harm or physical discomfort in humans or animals, or for the testing of sera, blood preparations, vaccines, antigens or test allergens in the context of authorisation procedures or batch tests. Note 1: If the implementation of several similar experimental projects is intended, the notification of the first experimental project shall suffice if the notification also indicates the estimated number of experimental projects. At the end of each year, the competent authority shall be given the number of experimental projects carried out and, in the case of vertebrate animals, the type and number of animals used in total. Note 2: In the case of animal experiments on protected animals, there is also an obligation to report with proof of origin.

Note: If permission is requested for a legal person (e.g. GmbH, Limited, Cooperative, AG) or a partnership (e.g. GbR), the information and proof of the person must be provided by each person entitled to represent (e.g. Managing Director, Chairman of the Board of Management, Director, etc.).

Section 8 para. 1 - 6 TierSchG Section 8 a TierSchG; Section 8 para. 7 TierSchG General administrative provision for the implementation of the Animal Welfare Act Obligation to notify species protection: Section 7 of the Federal Species Protection Ordinance

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