Exercise of medicine, permission (healing practitioner's permit) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A naturopath is who practises medicine professionally without being a doctor. The practice of medicine is any professional or commercial activity to detect, cure or alleviate diseases, suffering or bodily harm in human beings, even if it is carried out in the service of others. In addition, the activity must require medical expertise and must not cause any damage to health. If you want to work as a naturopath for the practice of medicine, you need a permit.

Identity card or passport If a passport is presented, additional registration certificate from the resident registration office responsible for the main residence Proof of a school leaving certificate (at least secondary school leaving certificate) birth certificate or birth certificate, a corresponding document in case of name change Official certificate of leadership which may not be issued earlier than 3 months before submission Medical certificate of fitness for the exercise of the profession of naturopath, which may not be issued earlier than 3 months before presentation Resume Explanation of whether criminal proceedings or public prosecutor's investigation are pending

You must have reached the age of 25, at least one completed primary education (at least the secondary school leaving certificate) can prove that be morally reliable, be suitable for the exercise of the profession from a health point of view, and you must demonstrate, when the health authority reviews your knowledge and skills, that your practice of medicine does not pose a risk to public health. Permission entitles you to hold the professional title "Heilpraktiker" or "Heilpraktiker". The medical practitioner's licence may not be restricted to individual areas. The only exceptions to this are the restriction of the medical practitioner's licence to the field of psychotherapy and physiotherapy.

Admission to the profession of naturopath does not require medical training or a professional examination. Rather, the review extends to whether the applicant has so much medical knowledge and skills that it does not endanger the health of the population.
Section 1 para. 1 Law on the professional practice of medicine without any information (Heilpraktikergesetz)

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