Day care for children, permission

Day care facilities for children are the first educational institutions, they assume a great responsibility in the education, care and education of the children. The daycare is of central importance for early childhood education. When setting up a new childcare facility or changing an existing day care facility, legal bases for the operation of day care facilities must be observed in advance. Section 45 SGB VIII and Section 25 ff Hessian Children's and Youth Welfare Code (HKJGB) are decisive for the operating licence of a day care facility.

A formal application is required. The youth services have submitted application forms. The application shall be attached to various annexes (e.g. staff list, design of the facility, etc.).

Section 45 Social Code (SGB) - Eighth Book (VIII), Section 15 Hessian Children's and Youth Welfare Code (HKJGB) Section 25 Hessian Children's and Youth Welfare Code (HKJGB)

The institution authorities address the applications for operating licences to the local youth office (Section 15 (2) HKJGB). The Youth Office advises the institution on the details of the operating licence. It examines on-site the spatial, technical, economic and personnel requirements. The development and definition of spatial criteria according to the purpose and design of the institution is, in consultation with the institution holder, in the decision of the local youth welfare institution. Since January 1, 2014, the personnel requirements and group sizes have been based on the minimum requirements set out in Sections 25a to 25d hKJGB. The local youth office sends a copy of the institution's application for an operating licence for the final issue of the operating licence to the State Youth Office in the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration. In advance, it checks the completeness of the application and comments on it in accordance with Section 15 (2) of the HKJGB. If the conditions for granting the operating licence are met, the final decision and the issue of the decision shall be taken by the Landesjugendamt.

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