Driving school permit Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Anyone who trains driving students as a self-employed driving instructor or has them trained by driving instructors employed by him/her requires a driving school permit. The driving school permit is issued on request for classes BE, A, CE and DE.

Forms for the application for a driving school permit can be found on the website of the licensing authorities. The applicant must indicate in the application the name and address of the driving school and the category of motor vehicles for which he wishes to obtain the driving school licence. The application shall be attached to: an officially certified copy or photograph of the driving instructor's licence, Documents relating to the activity of driving instructors, a certificate issued by the institution of a driving school business management course on the participation of the course, an explanation of whether and by which authority a driving school permit has already been issued, a scale disputation of classrooms with information on their equipment, a declaration that the prescribed teaching materials are available, a list of the number and type of teaching vehicles. In addition, the applicant must apply for a certificate of management for submission to the licensing authority.

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The driving school permit is issued if: the applicant is at least 25 years of age and there are no facts which make him unreliable for the management of a driving school, there are no facts justifying the assumption that the applicant cannot fulfil the obligations of the holder of a driving school, the applicant has the driving licence for the class for which he applies for a driving school permit, the applicant worked full-time as a driving instructor for at least 2 years in the context of an employment relationship with the holder of a driving school permit, the applicant has taken part in a course of at least 70 hours of 45 minutes each on driving school management; the applicant has at his disposal the necessary classroom, the necessary teaching materials and the training vehicles intended for driving training in the category of driving licence in question.